Negligent Operator​

Basic information for the user:

  • No intent to disrupt any activity, cause damages, harm people or infrastructures etc.​
  • Are not aware for the applicable regulations and restrictions or….​
  • Are aware for the applicable regulations and restrictions but breach them by their fault or even because something goes wrong​
  • Low risk for LEAs, but still, they cause disturbance, unintentionally​

Relevant Case Studies

Electrobeach Festival (2019):

  • The drone of the company Digital Nak was filming the concerts of the festival, as usual.​
  • Suddenly a fault message causes the remote pilot to interrupt the flight​
  • During the return, the remote pilot lost control of the drone, which hit an obstacle and landed, hitting two people who spent 4 days in hospital​
  • According to the Perpignan prosecutor’s office, the drone pilot did not comply with the flight restrictions imposed by the DGAC, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation​

Heathrow Airport incident:

  • Drone flight near Heathrow caused disturbance after the report of drone sighting.​
  • After thorough investigation a man was arrested and was charged with flying a “small unmanned aircraft without permission of air traffic control”, according to court documents​

Drone incidents at State buildings (2017-2020):

  1. The personal guard of the Prime Minister noticed a drone flying over Prime Minister’s house in Kolonaki district, in Athens. The operator of the drone flew over willing to capture photos from their travel in Greece, being ignorant that flights are not permitted in this area. ​
  2. Similar drone incidents alarmed the authorities responsible for the security of the Greek Parliament several times the last 5 years. These incidents proved to be non-malevolent cases, as the area of the parliament is of high touristic interest.​
  3. On the 21st of March 2019 at 4pm, the security guard of Embassy of France in Athens report that a Polish tourist flew his drone that was equipped with memory card and digital camera. The drone was confiscated and forensics analysis was performed.​
  4. Police officer reported that on the 4th of August 2020, a Greek citizen flew his drone above Maximos Mansion, the official seat of the Prime Minister. The operator was not prosecuted; the drone was confiscated.​

Things that can Go Wrong…

Pilot Error!​

Environmental conditions (wind etc.)​

Loss of RC communication​

Loss of GPS​

Fly-away due to automated system error​

Loss of Altitude (IMU failure, battery failure & more)

…could result to injuries, damages or even casualties

Negligent Use of Drones – Examples