Despite new laws and safety measures, the adoption of drones as a tactical attack planning option for terrorists to cause mass disruption, damage economic stability and threaten EU security remains a concern. 

"Drones are becoming more and more powerful and smarter which makes them more and more attractive for legitimate use, but also for hostile acts." ​

Complacency based upon the absence of a major terrorist event using a drone remains misplaced and unwise. 

We must be alert but not alarmed as terrorism continues to demand a determined and collaborative response from all first-responders. 


From time to time terrorists do achieve their intended objectives, defeating all of the states security measures put in place at the time.

New attacks will be prevented but there is a very strong likelihood that we will not stop them all.

All first responders must dedicate themselves to increasing their knowledge and understanding of the new and emerging threats from terrorism and work together to prevent attacks, protect public spaces and prepare for attacks when they do occur.