Module 2: Terrorism and Attacks on Public Spaces

 Aims & Objectives


The aim of Module 2: Terrorism and Attacks on Public Spaces is to provide an introduction to terrorism and the terrorist tactic of attacking public spaces.

The primary objectives of Module 2 are: ​

  • To provide a first-responder agency operational understanding of terrorism including definition, classification and key characteristics.​
  • To provide an understanding of the terrorist tactic to attack places, including methodology, key motivations and intended outcomes. ​
  • To examine a series of case studies assessing terrorist attacks on public spaces.​
  • To introduce and explain protective security methods and measures to protect public spaces from terrorist attack.
Stronger Together Collaboration to counter the terrorist threat from drones​
  • Protecting the public from acts of terrorism requires a multi-agency partnership approach with each organisation bringing its expertise to bear in concert with others.   ​
  • To counter the threat effectively, all in authority are now required to broaden their knowledge and understanding of terrorism as a concept. ​
  • Developing an understanding of terrorism will ensure that all professional practitioners are better prepared to protect the public from a diverse range of terrorist related activity.​

Blackstone’s Counter-Terrorism Handbook (2012) Oxford University Press