Module 1: Introduction to DroneWISE Counter-UAV Training

 Aims & Objectives

The aim of DroneWISE Counter-UAV Training is to provide all students with a detailed and holistic understanding of the threat posed by rogue drone activity and the effective measures required to manage and mitigate risk and effectively respond to a terrorist attack by use of a drone at a public place. 

Aims & Objectives

  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the drone threat landscape and the capacity and capability of drones and related technologies.​
  2. Explain the relevant law, rules and regulations relating to the illegal use of drones.​
  3. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of drone detection technologies and the measures required to counter the threat from rogue drone activities. ​
  4. Design and develop a robust threat assessment to manage and mitigate the risks from rogue drone activity.  ​
  5. Demonstrate a practical knowledge of drone detection investigative techniques to identify rogue drone activity.​
  6. Devise a comprehensive strategic response to drone threats demonstrating an ability to develop drone security policy, practice and procedure.​


Module 1: An introduction to DroneWISE Counter-UAV Training​

Module 2: Terrorism and attacks on public spaces​

Module 3: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle threat landscape 

Module 4: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technology​

Module 5: Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) technology​

Module 6: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Legislation & Regulation 

Module 7: Crisis Management – Command & Control of UAV Terrorist Incidents​

Module 8: Forensic Recovery of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles​

Module 9: Threat & Risk Assessment – Reporting suspicious sightings of UAVs                         ​

Module 10: Counter-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Security Strategy​