Asia Drone Info

Malaysia Drone

Malaysian unmanned aircraft regulations state that unmanned aircrafts must meet or exceed the safety regulations of manned aircrafts. Operators must receive authorization from the Department of Civil Aviation before flying an UAV.

Philippines Drone

In June of 2014, Matthew Cua, the founder of SkyEye Inc, was detained by communist rebels in the Philippines’ Mindanao province after flying his company’s unmanned aircrafts over a rebel stronghold. Although Cua was on an anti-logging mission, rebels accused Cua’s company of using drones for surveillance and reconnaissance missions on behalf of the government.

Indonesia Drone

On July 28th the Ministry of Transportation introduced regulations that will limit the areas in which civilians may use unmanned aircrafts. Licenses will also need to be acquired in order to fly UAVs in Indonesian airspace. The new regulations lays out restrictions on where drones can fly, and also requires drone users to register their flight plans with the local civil navigation authority. In addition, changes to the flight plan must be submitted to the Ministry of Transportation seven days prior to the operation of the unmanned aircraft.

Vietnam Drone

Today, Vietnam’s Law on Civil Aviation, Article 81 Section 2b, states: “The Ministry of National Defense shall grant flight permission to Vietnamese and foreign military aircrafts operating civil flights in Viet Nam and to unmanned aircrafts.” The legislation, however, is unclear as to how it regulates smaller civilian unmanned aircraft used in the country.

Cambodia Drone

After a series of incidents involving small hobby and commercial drones, Phnom Penh’s City Hall put an official ban on using drones in Phnom Penh’s airspace in April 2015. Drones are only allowed to fly with permission of City Hall on a pre-arranged flight path.

Singapore Drone

On June 4th the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore launched an online portal for drone operators to apply for permits to fly drones. According to the CAAS website, “two permits—an operator permit and an activity permit—are required for flying drones that weigh more than 7 kilograms (15.4 pounds) for any purpose.

Thailand Drone

In December 2013, Thai drone handler @Cyberjom captured footage of anti-government protests using his drone, an early instance of the use of drones during protests. In January of this year